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My name is Marie, and I'm 27 and happily married for 5 years :) to my hubby Jakester ♥..We have two children.Meredith and Nicholas born at 29 weeks on August 24th 2008, and Meredith was born a year before August 2nd 2007..I put my kids first, so my time is lacking,..

Graphic design and music is therapy for me(if you haven't already) Listen to my play list on my front page.Indie is my fave genre of music..I like it because most not like other mainstream music...I also love techno music, bluegrass,rap,country,and electronic (yes I have a WIDE music taste)..
I'm huge into computer games also.My fave all time game, and one of my many addictions is The Sims 2, and I am eagerly waiting for the arrival of The Sims 3 ;)..